Good for Me I Don’t Believe in Karma

January 19th, 2010

The night when Jossi and I became a couple, both of us were drunk, we made out. This was in high school. We agreed to meet the day after and he stole my jacket so that I would have to come, sneaky.

You know when something you once thought was fun, now is source of anxiety and guilty conscience? I can’t shake off the feeling that this scanlation project falls into that category and I guess that’s why it’s so hard to update… And lately it’s probably because I’m feeling nauseous 24/7, morning sickness my ass. It’s also a lie that it disappears after the 12th week. Let me tell ya it’s sucks to be knocked up, it’s the worst thing I’ve ever experienced. Week after week feeling sick non stop, it’s hell! Sometimes I feel like an abortion is the only sane alternative, why putting yourself through this shit voluntarily? But… I’ll just have to endure… And sometime this year we will hopefully have chibi dragon if all goes well. To Jossi, pregnancy is apparently tummy and boobs. Though cheeky, he’s got a point since my boobs have grown from a nice B-cup to a D-cup. Let’s just say that he’s a lot more excited about that than me, I miss my old ones. And I’m afraid where this will stop, apparently they grow even bigger after the baby dragon is born and you have to feed it.

I do want to finish Keppeki at least, starting with the release of chapter five. I’m ashamed to confess that this actually was finished months ago. Time flies… even when you don’t have any fun. I’ve written this before (which is now long ago of course), but in my opinion the second volume is even better than the first. And in the first chapter an old acquaintance makes her return! What will Sata do?! I wondered if anything could be more adorable than this, then I read chapter 6. Oh my God, Sata! You’re too cute! You’re cute BUT I don’t want my kid to have OCD, it seems to be enormously stressful for everyone involved.

Thank you for all the comments.  Also I should apologise not only for abandoning the site but my email account too… At least it’s nothing personal, I’ve treated everyone in the same way  …which is an excuse? …hmm.

Anyway to get your dose of hysterical cleanliness obsession/love comedy, click on Keppeki under projects. Also, beware of the N.Y. greeting (^_^;).

Chapter 4 of Some Manga

May 5th, 2009

Update of chapter 4 of Love you, hurrah!! I rushed to finish it as fast as I could, but in the end the result turned out the opposite sadly. And to add to the misery, the longer time it takes for a chapter to get finished the more paranoid I get and I have to read everything over and over again. I’ve written about this before, but ain’t helping! The quality isn’t getting any better. Maybe I’m keppeki too…

This is my favourite chapter in the first volume, hell it might be my favourite chapter including the second volume. There are several reasons I like it although it’s always a culture shock from me to see “nanpa” which is so common in manga… I have a feeling we don’t talk to strangers in the streets no matter how good looking they are in Sweden. If you asking for anything else but the time or directions chances are that the other person will think there’s something wrong with you. I wonder if it really is common that girls hit on guys they see in the street (and the other way around of course) in Japan. Sadly I’ve yet to go there so I haven’t had the opportunity to see for myself if it’s true. And oh, everything I wrote about Sweden is false if there’s alcohol involved, then all the normal rules seem to be overruled. At least for some, I’m pretty controlled even when drunk. Though, of course nothing that comes out of my mouth will be of any value but that’s like a natural law when it comes to intoxicated people.

Gyaru and yanki are mentioned in this chapter. It’s quite fun to look at pictures of different gyaru and there are a lot of material on the internet I think. I like the more extreme ones best actually, because they’re not trying to look pretty which is a nice change. But they do want to shock it seems… Some say gyaru resemble punks but I don’t know… the punks I’ve known spent like 10 $ on clothes per month not hundreds of $. Not that I’ve known that many punks though…

And speaking about yanki, there’s a video from Peter Bjorn and John’s latest album that’s pretty funny. You probably don’t know who they are if you’re not especially interested in indie music. I think they’re pretty good, but I happen to like indie music and electro pop. Anyway I don’t pretend to know how to extinguish yanki from bosozoku, they look pretty similar to me. But the people in the video have motorbikes so maybe they’re bosozoku? Or not. Anyway it’s a fun video.

aya: Nice art! I’m actually kind of envious because I can’t really do anything like that myself. I’ve only learnt the necessary things to do scanslations and nothing else. Although I would like to be able to, I know it requires much hard work to be good and so far I’ve been too lazy.

lys: Thanks for the pity \(^_^)/!!! Also, I’m glad there’s someone out there who likes my ramblings.

Hmm, I kind understand what you mean with Skip Beat, 21 volumes (and still going) are quite much… I’m also a little reluctant to buy really long series… at least in the beginning. But I did buy the whole Kenshin series in one batch though…

But it’s so true that there are types of characters that you like in fiction which you couldn’t stand in real life. I think the tsundere is an example of that. I like tsundere characters, but in real life… I’m not so sure. I mean they seem kind of… socially incompetent for using a nauseating expression. I don’t think I actually know any tsundere in real life… Though there have been times I’ve misunderstood people thinking they were much harder to get to know than they actually were.

Misha: I love Samurai Champloo, I even got a DVD box with Swedish subtitles. By the way I would like to take the opportunity to warn anyone against buying that DVD box, the subs sucks. I remember sitting there thinking I could have done it 10 times better myself, which I probably could! Which doesn’t say much of my skills, it’s just that bad. The fan-subs I’ve watched are so much better but they are in English and I bought it because I wanted them in Swedish. It’s true it was dirt cheap but I’d rather pay a little more to have a quality sub. I don’t mind watching without subs but that’s not an option for everybody and it’s really ruining a great series so I was quite annoyed.

Mio: Åh, Mio min Mio. I was very glad to read a comment on the Swedish version, I’ve been a little nervous about it since I haven’t gotten any feedback until now. Schysst! I’m happy you like it.

Thanks to everyone who has been so nice and patient and given me friendly encouraging messages rather than the bashing I kind of deserve. Thank you for being understanding. I will try to be more structured in the future so that this won’t happen again.

…skit också!

April 5th, 2009

Well, this is a little embarrassing but because of that both Tengil and I have been busy this weekend the new chapter is not quite finished yet.  Actually the chapter is finished but the proofreading isn’t done yet and that’s extremely important believe me… English… Mm yeah, I’m doing my best…